We are working on the basis that the low-carb beer market in Germany will grow to 700 million Euro and we want to achieve market dominance with outstanding beer products and a brand, which offers the consumer emotional added value.

Standard pilsner with a boring brand offering is a thing of the past – Invest in the beer brand of tomorrow!

The German beer market is the biggest in Europe, with a total volume of approx. 7.8 billion Euro and holds enormous potential for the low-carb beer products from NIXE, which offer a contemporary brand message and a tangy taste experience with natural ingredients.

We set ourselves the goal of developing the low-carb beer segment in Germany and reaching a dominant market position.

The outsourced production enables us to maintain a lean capital structure, which, together with our premium price strategy, allows for very attractive margins, if critical sale volumes are achieved in the future.

Be there right from the start, and conquer the German low-carb beer market as an investor with us!

Company History

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In all our current and future beer products we want to offer our customers outstanding taste, the best ingredients and functional advantages (low-carb).

NIXE Extra Dry, with 75% less carbohydrate and 30% fewer calories does not only cut a good figure in terms of ingredients, but it also promises an exceptionally refreshing drink experience. „We have managed, through using the best natural raw materials, to brew an uncompromisingly good beer, in accordance with the German beer purity law, and with full alcohol content of 4.9%. NIXE Extra Dry differentiates itself quite clearly from light beers here, which in terms of taste simply do not come close to real beer. Above all in the summer our customers value the fresh first sip and the incomparable fine and dry aroma of NIXE Extra Dry – best drunk ice-cold straight from the bottle”, explains Philip Dirschauer, Managing Director of NIXE Bier in Germany.

The NIXE Bio shandy is also proving to be very popular, with freshly-pressed juice from organic Sicilian lemons, a little organic beet sugar, sparkling spring water and otherwise: NIXE! (Nothing!)  The first shandy to be less sweet, happily low in calories and greatly refreshing. In the production of the lemonade NIXE uses no artificial additives, flavourings or emulsifiers at all.

With NIXE we have an integral brand and marketing concept, with which we target a young, demanding, trendy, urban market.

NIXE is a modern, urban, premium beer brand, which mirrors itself as a unified concept in image, word, story, marketing message and marketing methods, in order to offer consumers a complete experience for innovative beer products and to create a community around the brand NIXE – we call this emotional added value!

Strengthened by our experience with NIXE in Austria as well as by our tests in the German market, we think that NIXE meets the needs of a potentially large target group. This is both male and female, young and urban, and does not only expect excellent taste but also wants functional benefits and quality.

Our brand concept is integrated, as the Nixe (mermaid) in our logo, the name and in advertising slogans (e.g. „Complete beer, NIXE (No) stomach) reflects. Even in our tasting sessions our pretty promoters are dressed as mermaids. Using these steps we can create a strong emotional link for our customers between low-carb beer and our brand. As a medium for transmitting our advertising message we use, above all, social networks like Facebook and Instagram as well as regional events and parties to generate customers and create links with customers. Through our campaigns in the public arena or at trendy events we can already obtain press clippings at a low cost (e.g. Internorga photo-shoot in Das BILD).

We are already distributing NIXE in Hamburg, which we see as the „Show-Case” for further expansion in Germany. In addition we are planning to expand step by step into Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and in the coming years into six further German urban regions, through partnerships with large drink distributors.

This summer NIXE is fully launched in Hamburg. And this is only the beginning!

We are already distributing NIXE in Hamburg, which we see as the „Show-Case” for further expansion in Germany. In addition we are planning to expand step by step into Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and in the coming years into six further German urban regions, through partnerships with large drink distributors.

At our appearance at the Internorga show, Europe’s biggest trade fair for gastronomy, in March, we received very good feedback from visitors, caterers as well as from the trade. In the same month we successfully concluded a crowdfunding campaign on Startnext totalling over EUR 15,000.


From Australia via Vienna to Hamburg – duplicate success in Germany

Our managing director at NIXE Deutschland GmbH, Philip Dirschauer was for a long time a model and therefor working all around the world. Among other places he was also in Australia with the Austrian Managing Director and founder of Nixe Brau GmbH, Constantin Simon. There the two of them became aware of low-carb beers for the first time. Down Under, this category is enjoying growing popularity and, with a market share of approx. 10%, has gained strong status in the beer market.

It was the idea of the two ambitious founders to bring the low-carb beer segment to Europe and refine it. That is with the best ingredients, excellent taste and a modern, urban marketing message.

In summer 2013 NIXE was set up in Vienna and to date counts over 120 city-caterers, Merkur supermarkets (Rewe group) throughout Vienna, some supermarkets in West Austria as well as Metro throughout Austria as its loyal distribution network. Nixe Brau GmbH set up Nixe Deutschland GmbH at the end of last year, with the goal of reaching a position of market leadership in the low-carb beer segment in Germany.


Philip Dirschauer
Philip Dirschauer is our Managing Director and previously he was Account Manager for BMW & Mini at Ogilvy & Mather in Melbourne. He was a Bachelor degree candidate in digitalising processes for Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG and graduated in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and Online Management. Philip worked as a model for a few years and through his background he can represent and sell the brand and the business model very well. We value above all, his determination and his ability to multi-task.
Jakob Knauer
Jakob Knauer worked for Sales and Promotion in Hamburg and has been the head of a popular restaurant in Hamburg. Therefore he cultivates excellent contacts with the gastronomy in Hamburg.
Wolfgang Gsell
Wolfgang Gsell is on the board and in Business Development for Nixe. Due to his years of experience as the manager of a mid-sized German brewery and as spokesman for the board in the drinks trade, he can support Nixe with his valuable sector know-how and network.
Wolfgang Gsell is on the board and in Business Development for Nixe.
NIXE Österreich
Constantin Simon
Founder & Manager

Alexander Lauber
Co-Founder & Communication

Birgit Muszits
Product Manager

Conrad Simon
Promotion & Logistics

Kevin Kuhn
Sales Coordinator

Elli Hummer
Advertising & Design

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333% financed
100 000 invested
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Hamburg, Germany
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3 Employees
2014 Founded

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Minimum amount subscribed: 100€
Maximum amount subscribed: 5 000€
Company name: NIXE Deutschland GmbH

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