Kaahée – investment with 100% joie de vivre and 0% hangover blues!
Kaahée has a unique drink innovation, being the first anti-hangover drink developed on a scientific basis.

Kaahée was successfully introduced to the Austrian market and listed in all large supermarket chains (Spar, Billa, Merkur, etc.). Now Kaahée is expanding internationally step by step into Switzerland and Germany.

In order to secure these expansion markets Kaahée now wants to invite crowdinvestors to join their famous investors and to become part of the next great international drink innovation from Austria.

„Join together with the Kaahée investors, and be part of the success story of Kaahée, the new anti-hangover drink from Austria!”


„I cannot exclude the possibility that Kaahée could become a similar success story to Red Bull. I believe Kaahée is already a notable entrepreneurial success, achieved by Julian Juen!”

HaselsteinerWhat is a lead investor?

Martin A. Belz, stock exchange trader and investor from Kaahée about his investment:
„I have followed Kaahée since the beginning and I saw how Julian Juen did not allow himself to be intimidated by anything, to harm his idea of creating a completely new drink category in the market. His fierce persistence, never losing faith in his business and his vision even when facing setbacks, convinced me to invest in Kaahée on Conda. Kaahée is much more than just a lifestyle drink – it is the hangover drink for a new generation! The fact is that Coca Cola only sold 25 bottles in its first year. Nowadays they sell a few more than that. I really believe history can repeat itself in a positive way.”

Company History

Almost everyone knows this problem: Hangover symptoms after a long night partying or a family celebration.
To counter them there are common household items e.g. alka seltzer or headache pills. The only problem is: these things don’t particularly taste good.

For this reason, with Kaahée we came up with something completely new and generated Kaahée – the first anti-hangover drink, made out of the Peruvian highland prickly pear, which is particularly rich in valuable hangover-reducing substances such as antioxidants and free radicals.


Kaahée founder and managing director Julian Juen came up with the idea for Kaahée while on a trip to Peru, where he then successfully built up the business Mountain Lodges of Peru (www.mountainlodgesofperu.com) with a Peruvian partner and his father.

On the trip to Peru Julian Juen had a life-changing meeting with a Shaman, who introduced him to the magical, regenerative and hangover-curing effect of the Peruvian prickly pear through a ritual.


After a sangria party, he tried the prickly pear and was convinced of the magical effect – the business idea for Kaahée was born:

The target of Kaahée is to establish a anti-hangover drinks segment starting with Austria, and to become the global leader in this segment.

If we consider the great success stories in the beverage industry (like Coca Cola in the cola segment or Red Bull in the energy drink segment), these stories were able to build new segments in the industry and to maintain this course in the long term. This is what motivates Kaahée to establish the anti-hangover drink segment.




Sliced cactus pear

With the business idea and lots of prickly pears in his luggage Julien Juen returned to Austria, and developed and patented Kaahée with the help of his business partner. The hangover-reducing effect of the prickly pear can be scientifically demonstrated through placebo studies (link to study).

After completion of the development and successful patenting, the big breakthrough came in 2014:

  • In January 2014 Kaahée received a test listing in 50 Spar Gourmet markets in Vienna and Northern Austria and after three months it was one of the top 10 bestselling drinks at Spar Gourmet from over 100 drinks.
  • On the basis of this success a full listing in all Spar markets (Interspar, Eurospar, Spar) was agreed from August 2014.
  • In September 2014 a total REWE listing was agreed in all Billa, Merkur and Sutterlütty branches.

Currently Kaahée is available in around 2,500 supermarkets in Austria. In sales terms Kaahée crossed the 100,000 bottles per month threshold, which corresponds to gross turnover of about 100,000 Euro per month.

In order to increase sales further Kaahée began a TV advertising campaign on 24th December on the channels Pro7, Sat1, Kabel1, Puls4 and Sixx, with a gross media budget of several hundred thousand Euro per annum.

Investors on board
For the financing of the further branding and marketing campaign in the core market of Austria, Kaahée was able to secure cash investments from, among others, the renowned investors Dr Hans-Peter Haselsteiner (Bautycoon), Heinrich Prokop (Muesli bar producer) and Michael Altrichter (Business Angel of the Year), via the PULS4 start-up show „2Minuten – 2 Millionen”.

The investors decided to invest in Kaahée because of the considerable success Kaahée has had.

„I can recall a colleague of mine, who declined to take a 10% share in Red Bull and who naturally now kicks himself for not investing. I cannot rule out similar success for Kaahée. I believe Kaahée is already a notable entrepreneurial success, achieved by Julian Juen!”
(Quote from Dr. Hans-Peter Haselsteiner on the start-up show „2 Minuten – 2 Millionen”)

Building on its success in Austria, Kaahée is now growing step by step into our expansion markets of Germany and Switzerland.
For expansion into Switzerland a business cooperation with the leading Swiss Spirits manufacturer Diwisa was entered in January 2015. To develop the German market, the subsidiary Kaahée Deutschland GmbH is being set up and a management Team is being installed (Henning Pöhlsen & Roger Würtz) to lead the business in return for a cash investment in the company.

Now as we have already shown that Kaahée is accepted by the market, Kaahée will now expand step by step into the international market. The funds from the crowd investing project will primarily be used for developing the expansion markets of Germany and Switzerland and for strengthening the market in Austria.

„On the basis of the success in Austria and future success, we would like to invite crowd investors to take part in the success of Kaahée. An investment with 100% joie de vivre and 0% hangover blues!”


crowdfunding juen julian
Julian Juen
Founder & CEO (Manager)
crowdfunding juen lisa
Lisa Juen
Business Development Director
crowdfunding glasl gernot
Gernot Glasl
Marketing Director Austria
crowdfunding henning pöhlsen
Hans-Henning Pöhlsen
Manager Kaahée Germany
crowdfunding haselsteiner
Hans Peter Haselsteiner
Lead Investor
Company Info
4 Employees
2009 Founded

Participation Type: Subordinated Dept
Minimum amount subscribed: 100€
Company value before shares: 1 500 000€
Maximum amount subscribed: 5 000€
Company name: Kaahee Research and Development GmbH (company register number: FN 337364z)

Contact Information

Kaahee Research and Development GmbH
Anzengrubergasse 12/29
1050 Vienna – Austria
T: +43-1-2364531 | F: DW 9
E: office@kaahee.at
W: www.kaahee.at