„Without a doubt, Kaahée could become a success story like Red Bull. I consider Kaahée a remarkable entrepreneurial success of Julian Juen!”


1 million bottles can’t be wrong!

Kaahée is a unique innovative „anti hangover” drink, which was developed based on scientific research.

Kaahée was introduced successfully to the Austrian market and is available in all major supermarket chains (SPAR, BILLA, MERKUR, ADEG, ZIELPUNKT, etc.). At the Puls4 start-up show „2 Minuten – 2 Millionen” well known investors like Hans Peter Haselsteiner, Henry Prokop and Michael Altrichter have invested in Kaahée. These investors joined the first Kaahée crowd investing campaign in March 2015 – at that time the most successful crowd investing campaign in Austria – a total of 300 investors raised 249.900,– Euro in just 12 days.

We at Kaahée used this investment of our 300 investors to cross another magic border: backed up by our crowd we weren able to sell over 1 million bottles since entering the market.

But that’s not enough. This time we are getting ready to pass the next milestone: being listed in all major supermarket chains all over Germany – a market 10 times the size of Austria. So let’s make 10 million bottles out of our 1 million.

Take your chance and be a part of Kaahée’s success story!

Company History

Almost everyone knows the feeling: HANGOVER – or hangover symptoms after a long party night or celebrations.
Everyone is familiar with the common homespun remedies like pugs or headache pills. All those household remedies have one thing in common: they don’t taste particularly good. Therefore we developed something completely new, Kaahée, extracted from the Peruvian prickly pear, particularly rich in hangover-relieving substances such as antioxidants.

crowdfunding kaahée drink

Founder and CEO Julian Juen got the idea for Kaahée on a trip to Peru, where he helped his father to build the company „Mountain Lodges of Peru” (www.mountainlodgesofperu.com)

On this trip to Peru, Julian Juen had a life-changing encounter with a shaman who introduced him to the mysterious magical, regenerative and hangover-decreasing effects of the prickly pear found in the Peruvian highlands.

crowdfunding kaahée peru

After Julian Juen was able to experience the magical powers of the prickly pear himself at a Sangria Party a few days later, the business idea for Kaahée was born.

One of Kaahée’s main goals is to establish the segment of anti-hangover drinks, starting from Austria and making Kaahée the world market leader.

Considering the stories of beverages such as Coca Cola at the softdrink market or Redbull at the energy drink market, Kaahée aims to be the first to occupy this market segment, motivated to be the world market leader for the segment of anti-hangover drinks.


With a business idea and many prickly pears in his luggage, Julian Juen returned to Austria, developed and patented Kaahée with the help of his partners. The hangover-decreasing effects are scientifically proven by placebo studies (link to study).

After finishing the development and successfully applying patent papers, 2014 was the big breakthrough for Kaahée:

  • In January 2014 Kaahée received a test-listing in 50 SPAR GOURMET markets around Vienna and Lower Austria. After only 3 months, Kaahée was listed under the TOP 10 drinks sold by SPAR.
  • Based on this success, SPAR decided to bring Kaahée to all their markets (SPAR, EUROSPAR & INTERSPAR) in August 2014
  • In September 2014 Kaahée was listed by REWE in all BILLA, MERKUR & SÜTTERLY markets.
  • Followed up by getting listed in many ADEG and NAH & FRISCH markets in late autumn.
  • In January 2015 we started a sales cooperation with swiss’ largest beverage manufacturer DIWISA. As a first step, Kaahée was introduced to the gastronomy scene, following Swiss food retail. The market launch in Switzerland became a great success, so far already 100.000 bottles were sold.

Investors on Board:
To finance its brand and sales structures, Kaahée succeeded in March 2015 at the PULS4 startup talent show „2 Minuten – 2 Millionen”, convincing the prestigious Investors Dr. Hans-Peter Haselsteiner (construction tycoon), Henry Prokop (cereal bars manufacturer) and Michael Altrichter (Business Angel of the Year) to join the ship.

Most popular Crowd Investing campaign in Austria
On March 5, 2015 Kaahée launched its first Crowd Investing campaign. Within only 12 days Kaahée managed to attract a total of 300 investors and reached the Crowd Investing limit of EUR 249,900. Up to this point, Kaahée has managed to become the most successful Crowd Investing Campaign (Equity-Based Crowdfunding) that has ever been completed in Austria.

Expansion to Germany
Kaahée is already listed at the first major German supermarket chains. In order to fund the expansion to Germany, to create further distribution channels and to push the development of the brand, we are now starting a second Crowd Investing campaign.


crowdfunding juen julian
Julian Juen
Founder & CEO
economist, research assistent for economics at the University of Innsbruck and Copenhagen, director and cofunder of a Think-Tanks, Board Member at Moutain Lodges of Peru SAC since 2007.

Julian Juens (born 1978)

His core competence is in the development and setup of organizations and new enterprises.

As he has a strong entrepreneurship he hasn't only founded, co-founded, developed and accompanied profit (Mountain Lodges of Peru/www. mountainlodgesofperu.com) but also non-profit organizations and enterprises.

area of responsibility at Kaahée:
Julian Juen's main responsibility is the enterprise's setup on the whole German/Austrian/Swiss-market and the leading of international expansion actions.
But he is also responsible for Key Accounts in the food retailing industry, Convenience-department and the food service industry.
crowdfunding juen lisa
Lisa Juen
Business Development Director
much experience in the project management and media, production leader for the austrian film festival Diagonale, talk-show editor for ORF and ATV, founder of "Lieblichkeiten" and "Spruchketten" (jewelry).

area of responsibility at Kaahée:
Business Development, organization's setup and procedures.

Investment Info

1 527% financed
763 600 invested
672 inwestorów
Vienna, Austria

Which risks do I have as an investor?
Which rights of withdrawal do I have?

shareholder value bonus: YES, after end of contract
base rate of interest: 4,5%
possible investment starting from: EUR 100
possible investment ending at: EUR 5.000

term of contract: 5 years
form of participation: subordinated loan

Incentives for your investment
300 Investment

As a thank-you gift you'll recieve a 24 package Kaahée & the "Kaahée Crowd Bag"

1 000 Investment

As a thank-you gift you'll recieve a STARTER SET (24 bottles Kaahée, cocktail glasses & recipes) & the "Kaahée Crowd Bag"

3 000 Investment

As a thank-you gift you'll recieve a YEAR'S SUPPLY OF KAAHÉE & a STARTER SET DELUXE(99 bottles Kaahée, 1 bottle Xellent Gin (from our Swiss partner Diwisa)
cocktail glasses & recipes) & the "Kaahée Crowd Bag"

5 000 Investment

You get 5,5% interests instead of 4,5% (NO COMBINATION with the Early Bird Bonus possible) and as a thank-you gift you'll recieve a

PLATIN-YEAR'S SUPPLY OF KAAHÉE & a STARTER SET DELUXE (365 bottles Kaahée, 1 bottle Xellent Gin (from our Swiss partner Diwisa)
cocktail glasses & recipes) & the "Kaahée Crowd Bag"

Company Info
10 Employees
2009 Founded

Participation Type: Subordinated Dept
Minimum amount subscribed: 100€
Company value before shares: 2 900 000€
Maximum amount subscribed: 5 000€
Company name: Kaahee Research and Development GmbH (company register number: FN 337364z )

Contact Information

Kaahee Research and Development GmbH
Anzengrubergasse 12/29
1050 Vienna – Austria
Tel.: +43-1-2364531 | F: DW 9

Kaahée Germany
Daniel-Hinsche-Straße 32re
21029 Hamburg
Tel.: +49-40-729101-80
Fax: +49-40-729101-81

E-Mail: office@kaahee.com