Berlin International Spirits Competition Bentianna Award

BENTIANNA: Silver Winner at the Berlin International Spirits Competition!

11. April 2016 by Sarka Nohelova in Bentianna
Amazing news for Bentianna and another confirmation for the whole team behind the brand.   It’s the first time that Bentianna participated in a prestigious international competition and we got awarded with the silver trophy and the highest rating in his category after a selective examination. The competition puts enormous emphasis on the jury that […] read more

Stop talking, start doing!

16. March 2016 by Daniel Horak
Starting in less than 3 months. So last time we ended with the successful search for our company’s name: CONDA. However, this was just the beginning of our journey, because at this point CONDA was just a bunch of people with a great idea (and a nice concept). In addition, to be honest, in […] read more
Crowdfuding Crowdinvesting Pitch Event

Invitation: Let them pitch!

1. March 2016 by Karin Turki
As usual, our crowdinvesting projects are going to pitch for you. But this time, it will be very international as projects from Slovenia and Slovakia will present their business models for you as well. Come join us, meet the project teams in person, mingle with other investors and like-minded people and expand your network. Date: […] read more

“A bug’s life” – why I chose this name for my blog.

26. February 2016 by Daniel Horak
Some of you might have noticed that I am a bit into animation movies and beside the Despicable Me movies, there is a bunch of others I really enjoy. Foto: KURIER/Franz Gruber On of the movies i like a lot is “A Bug’s Life”. Yes, it is a movie for kids. But there is a […] read more

Screw it let’s do it! – the first months of „Crowdfunding Austria“ aka CONDA

10. February 2016 by Daniel Horak
In my last blog article, I told you about the very first steps of Paul and me founding CONDA. So, that´s what happened next: Somewhere in mid of September 2012 we started to work on our new baby CONDA, which at this point consisted of: Two highly motivated (more or less young) guys with the […] read more
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